108W 144W AC100-240V/DC24V anti-glare LED Floodlight Outdoor Luminaires IP65:



108W AC100-240V/DC24V 2700K-6000K, 108W 144W color changing RGB RGBW DMX512 LED Floodlight Outdoor Luminaires Spot Project Lamp, waterproof IP65, for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Product Features

1. With built-in lens technology to minimize glare and stray light ( Use "LEDs deep built in a barral" design to achieve anti-glare). Built-in anti-glare grid net is also optional.
2. High conductivity aluminum radiator, ventilation convection design, to achieve a small lamp body with large power
3. SUS304 stainless steel screw bracket is equipped with a dial with a gear lock function.
4. The lamp body adopts a unique design concept, with smooth arcs, simplification of shape, which is simple and natural. The self-flow (self-cleaning) design of the lamp surface ensures that no foreign material deposits on the surface and avoids the maintenance and cleaning of the lamps.
5. With CREE high-power light source, which have excellent optical performance. The optical parts are temperature-resistant, highly transparent and flame-retardant.


Input voltage: AC100-250V 50HZ / DC24V optional
Electrical safety level: Class I / Class III
LED light source: CREE
Drive type: constant current built-in Driver
Control method: ON-OFF or DMX512 optional
Light angle: 6˚ / 8˚ / 10˚ / 15˚ / 30˚ / 45˚ / 60˚ optional
Product weight: 6.50KG
Lamp body size: D230*H325 mm

    Article   Nr.Power                VoltageLED QuantityLED Type    Light ColorIP Rating
GYS-IHFL-D3603108WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V  36   PCS  CREEsingle   color/DMXIP65
GYS-IHFL-D3603S144WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V  36   PCS  3in1RGB   DMX512IP65
GYS-IHFL-D3604F144WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V  36   PCS  4in1RGBW   DMX512IP65

108W 144W AC100-240V/DC24V anti-glare LED Floodlight Outdoor Luminaires IP65

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