18W 36W 48W LED Double Head Up and Down Wall Light IP65:



High Power 18W AC100-240V/DC24V 2200K-6000K LED Dual Head Wall Light,36W 48W DMX512 RGB RGBW waist-drum form LED Up and Down Wall Light Outdoor Lamp, waterproof IP66.

Product Features

1. Adopt Chinese traditional waist drum appearance design, perfect combination of aesthetic form and product function. Internal cavity type heat dissipation, full structural waterproof design, no glue, protection grade IP66.

2. Die-casting aluminum molding lamp body, SUS304 stainless steel screw. Electrostatic spraying on the surface, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

3. Equipped with CREE/OSRAM light source, with excellent lighting color performance. The built-in anti-glare tube can effectively reduce the stray light and glare.

4. Single light color, 3in1 RGB, 4in1 RGBW are optional, can support DMX512 control system.

5. Brand power supply has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.


Input voltage: AC100-250V 50HZ / DC24V

Electrical safety class: Class Ⅰ / class Ⅲ

Light source: CREE/OSRAM LEDs

Built-in Driver: constant current driver

Control method: ON-OFF / DMX512

Beam Angle: 6˚ / 8˚ / 10˚ / 15˚ / 30˚ / 45˚ / 60˚ optional

Product size: L176*W139mm

Article   Nr.Power             VoltageLED QuantityLED Type     Light ColorIP Rating
GYS-WDWL-A060318WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V6   PCSCREEsingle   color/DMXIP65
GYS-WDWL-A240118WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V24   PCSOSRAMsingle   color/DMXIP65
GYS-WDWL-A060336WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V12   PCS3in1RGB   DMX512IP65
GYS-WDWL-A060448WAC100-250V   50HZ / DC24V12   PCS4in1RGBW   DMX512IP65


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18W 36W 48W LED Double Head Up and Down Wall Light IP65

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