9W/12W 12V/24V LED Underwater Light Swimmming Pool Pond Boat Lamp IP68:



9W 12W AC12V/DC12V/DC24V LED Underwater Light Swimmming Pool Aquarium Pond Boat Light, made of 304 stainless steel, waterproof IP68, warm white red green blue yellow RGB RGBW DMX512 optional.

Can be used for outdoor recessed inground light or submerged into 1-2 meter.

Product Features

1. Working voltage AC12V, DC12V, or DC24V, safe for use
2. High quality 304 stainless steel lamp body, modern design
3. IP68 waterproof, for 1-2 meter underwater or outdoor use
4. Single color and DMX512 RGB/RGBW optional
5. Beam angle 10°, 15°, 25°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° optional


Power: 9W/3*3W, 12W RGBW optional
Input Voltage:AC12V/DC12V/DC24V
Light Color: warm white 2700-3000K, natural white 4000-4500K, cool white 6000-6500K, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow,
3in1 RGB DMX512 (V+, V-, D+, D-), 3 channels
3in1 RGB in DC12V/DC24V (R, G, B, V+),
RGBW in DC24V (V+, V-, D+, D-), 4 channels
Beam Angle: normally optional in 30/60 degrees, 10/15/45 degrees also optional
LED Type: Epistar LEDs
Lamp Body: 304 Stainless Steel
Tempered glass: 5mm thick
Lamp Size: Type A: Φ62*103mm,  Type B: Φ41*103mm,
Length of cable: 1 meter rubber cable
IP Rating: IP68
Product Weight: Type A 0.85Kg, Type B 0.80Kg


Product Type / Power / Input Voltage / Light Color / Beam Angle / Tempered glass (clear, frosted or bead) / cable length / others

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