1W/3W Round Small LED Module Light Spot Lamp Waterproof IP65:

Item Number: gys-module-ma1


This LED module Light is convenient for wiring and has a large range of applications.

With low power consumption, small lamp body and waterproof function, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration lighting, auto lighting, advertising, aquarium lighting etc.

Applications of the LED module:
- Signage lighting
- Channel letters
- box Lighting
- cabinet lighting
- Shop window decoration
- Shopping mall decoration
- Contour marking
- Car lighting
- Architecture lighting like wall lighting
- Dot light source
- Light box module
- Light source for in-ground light
- Wall washer and other lights

Product Features

1. Use sophisticated aluminum casing, anodized surface will not rust;
2. Fully sealed design, waterproof in IP65;
3. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration lighting
4. Can be installed in the indoor walkway, ceiling, walls, bridges, etc.
5. Operating voltage: DC3V, AC/DC12V or DC24V optional


Power: 1W or 3W optional
Working Voltage: DC3V, AC/DC12V, DC24V optional
Light Color: warm white 2700K/3000K, natural white 4000K, cool white 6000K, red, green, blue, amber(orange), pink, UV optional
Beam Angle: 5°, 10°, 15°, 25°, 30°, 45°, 60° optional
Size: D40*27mm
Material: aluminum and lens
Housing color: silver or black
Wiring: cables come out from the bottom
Waterproof: IP65
CE RoHS, 2 years warranty


Power / Input Voltage / Light Color / Beam Angle / Cable Length / Shell Color / others

1W/3W Round Small LED Module Light Spot Lamp Waterproof IP65

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