3W-36W high quality LED Recessed Inground Lamp Uplighter IP67:



High quality 3W/5W/6W/7W/9W/12W/18W/24W/36W AC100-240V/DC12V/DC24V high power LED Inground Lamp Uplighter, waterproof IP67. Widely used in places such as near the swimming pools, parks, squares, aisles, etc.

Product Features

1. Use high-quality stainless steel front cover, anti corrosion and cracking
2. Glue-filled waterproof technology, good waterproof performance and durable
3. Self-developed LED Driver with lightning arrester and insurance tube, waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof


Power:3W-36W optional
Input Voltage: AC85-265V / DC12V/DC24V optional
Light Color: warm white 3000K, natural white 4000K, cool white 6000K, red, green, blue optional
Beam Angle: 10/15/30/45/60/90 degrees optional
Materials: stainless steel front cover, aluminum lamp boby, lens
Waterproof: IP67

   Item   NumberPowerLED Quantity  Lamp SizeHole open
gys-hpdm-100-3w 3W          3ø100*H80mm    ø90
gys-hpdm-100-5w 5W          5ø100*H80mm    ø90
gys-hpdm-130-6w 6W          6ø130*H95mm    ø120
gys-hpdm-130-7w 7W          7ø130*H95mm    ø120
gys-hpdm-150-9w 9W          9ø150*H95mm    ø140
gys-hpdm-180-12w 12W         12ø180*H95mm    ø160
gys-hpdm-200-18w 18W         18ø200*H95mm    ø185
gys-hpdm-220-24w 24W         24ø220*H95mm    ø210
gys-hpdm-300-36w 36W         36ø330*H90mmø290

3W-36W high quality LED Recessed Inground Lamp Uplighter IP67


Power / Input Voltage / Light Color / Beam Angle / Cable Length

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